Hailing from the East Bay, Oddity is a sonic storyteller seeking refuge in the intersections of jazz, hip-hop and neo-soul.

With influences ranging from Billy Strayhorn to D'angelo, Oddity can be found wherever inspiration strikes - be it a tender touch on a warm rhodes, a heavy dilla-style backbeat, or a bluesy trombone melody. 

Oddity’s story is one of resiliency and rebirth, of toeing the precipice of the abyss and returning with an open heart and a present mind. Her experience as a transgender woman of color is inextricably woven into the music: at once an affirmation of life, a tear-streaked lament, a desperate call to action. Join Oddity as she discovers beauty and cultivates peace by centering love, against all odds.

If you are awaiting Part 4… tentative release coming spring of 2024! 

Thank you for your patience and support <3