With vocals as smooth as aged whiskey, and a warm and lush compositional style inspired by the likes of Strayhorn, Evans and Jobim, Oddity follows in the long-standing tradition of queer jazz expression, all while blending in modern elements of hip-hop and neo-neo-soul. 

Oddity’s music is a reflection of her Sagittarius spirit: spontaneous, improvisational, passionate. As a transfeminine woman of color, her lived conditions have manifested a certain yin-yang quality to her sound, as if a struggle between hope and despair, rage and tenderness, revenge and forgiveness brews right beneath the surface.

In her debut album series “The Oddisea”, Oddity explores this messy yet alchemical process of transition, of having to reinvent oneself, of having to let old selves die in order for new selves to be born. Oddity’s story is one of navigating the smoke and mirrors of false salvation, looking deeply into the abyss of the unknown and uncertain, and ultimately claiming boldly for oneself the type of revolutionary self-love that transcends judgement, destroys binaries, and fosters community.

If you are awaiting Part 4… tentative release coming spring of 2024! 

Thank you for your patience and support <3